SEN Capital Programme 2018 - 2021 Consultation

Central Government announced an initiative earlier this year to provide local authorities with capital funding to assist in the provision of SEN places and on 7 August 2017 published the definitive guidance upon how the programme will operate.

Medway has been allocated £1.377m, which will be paid in three equal instalments of £459,000 for the financial years of 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21.
The criteria for the funding are set out, which states that the funding is to support local authorities to invest in provision for children and young people with SEN and disabilities aged 0-25 to improve the quality and range of provision available in the local authority. It is intended for the benefit of children and young people with education, health and care plans (EHCP) for whom the local authority is responsible.
The funding can be invested in creating new or additional places at good or outstanding provision, improving current facilities or developing new facilities. The range of provision types are as follows:
s Mainstream school/academy or college
sSpecial Unit or resourced provision
s Special school or academy
s Pupil referral unit or academy
s Nursery or early years provider
s Other provision – where attended by pupils who have EHCP and are aged 0- 25.
Further information can be found:  here.

This survey below will give you the opportunity to say whether or not you approve to the suggested proposals. If you wish to suggest alternative projects, you will be able to at the end of the survey.

The closing date for responses is Sunday 4 March 2018

1. Hearing impaired unit at Thomas Aveling School

Medway does not have local specialist educational provision for secondary age pupils with a hearing impairment. Currently specialist provision is found out of the area such as Kent and Brighton.
Medway is now finding it extremely difficult to find places in Kent as they now have an increase demand. Also Medway parents are unhappy that the full British Sign Language (BSL) service has stopped as a result of changes in staff.
It is therefore proposed to create specialist provision for secondary age Medway pupils with a hearing impairment.
Q1 Hearing impaired unit at Thomas Aveling School

2. Improve the environment at Bradfields Special School

So that the needs of pupils attending Bradfields school can be better met. It is necessary to make improvement to the environment of the school.  Below is a list of suggested projects.  If the work did go ahead it would also mean that more pupils could attend the school.
·Development of existing gymnasium to improve acoustics and add a room divider

·To redevelop existing servery area into a teaching space to support the development of the curriculum provision to cater for an increase in student numbers.

·Creation of a sensory room and zoned sensory spaces

·To refit the log cabin and refurbish a room in the lower site to create fully functioning life skills rooms which will support the new curriculum from 2018. This curriculum will support all students to be develop key skills for life including how to make beds and clean.

·Currently there is only one dedicated Art room. With the creation of a second Art space all students will have access. The outside space will also be developed to create greater opportunity for complex ASD students to explore larger expressive arts.

·Upgrade the two food Technology rooms
Q3 Improve the environment at Bradfields Special School

3. Improve facilities at Brompton Academy

There are a small number of pupils with profound physical and/or medical needs that require enhanced provision to meet their needs throughout the school day e.g. daily physiotherapy, placement in a standing frame, specialist toileting provision.
In order to meet the needs adaptations of the current premises at the Eliot Centre will be required; these include the installation of mechanical hoists and hygiene areas.
Q5 Improve facilities at Brompton Academy

4. Provide improved nurture facilities at the Parkwood Federation

The provision at Parkwood Federation School caters for pupils at risk of being permanently excluded or with some behavioural issues.
The provision is currently operated from a mobile building that is no longer fit for purpose, with no running water or toilet facilities. In addition the building will require ongoing and increasing maintenance.
The proposal is to provide appropriate accommodation for the pupils attending this provision and to be able to meet the increase in demand.
Q7 Provide improved nurture facilities at the Parkwood Federation

5. Contribute towards improved accommodation and facilities for the St Werburgh Centre

The St Werburgh Centre provides education and support for secondary aged pupils with varying levels of autism. The provision assists pupils with accelerated personal and academic progress.
Currently the provision is housed in a  building on the edge of the school site, which is no longer fit for purpose. There is also inadequate outside social space for the pupils.
The proposal is to give funding towards the reconfiguration of the main school building so that these pupil can mix with the rest of the school. This would also give more space and better meet their needs.
Q9 Contribute towards improved accommodation and facilities for the St Werburgh Centre

6. Contribute towards the expansion of the Gillingham Football Club Foundation School

To expand the current provision for those young people that has behavioural difficulties. At the moment the unit can only take 25 pupils the additional funding would allow this to increase to 40 maybe 50 pupils.
The Gillingham Football Club Foundation School provides independent alternative education for secondary aged pupils with a variety of vulnerabilities who are not able to attend a mainstream school. These pupils have been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion. The academy generally caters for children with EHC plans related to social, emotional or mental health difficulties. If the expansion was to go ahead it would mean those not on a EHC plan could also be considered.
Q11 Contribute towards the expansion of the Gillingham Football Club Foundation School

7. Develop post 19 provision

To develop more opportunities locally for young people with ECHPs aged 19- 24 which will support them to gain skills to be able to access opportunities for work and independent living (where appropriate) through the development of
a wider range of suitable courses, traineeships, and supported internships.
Q13 Develop post 19 provision


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Q18 I am
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