Period Poverty Survey 2018

All information will be kept confidential and only used for evaluation.  Period poverty is a very real challenge facing many girls in the UK, and it’s devastating to hear of the impact it is having on girls’ lives, their ability to be themselves, and their self-esteem. For too many girls, dealing with their period each month is proving a tough challenge – and in 21st century Britain, this shouldn’t be the case.   Medway Public health would like to hear from professionals working with young people in Medway to gauge if this is a problem locally and what if any support is available to young people, schools and professionals.  
0. Please complete your details below
1. Are you aware of any issues in your school around period poverty?
2. Have any students in your school been absent due to period poverty? Please where possible can you provide numbers and amount of days.
3. Does your school provide sanitary products to students? If so what products do you provide, how are they accessed and at what quantity?
4. Does your school recieve external support for this? If so please could you provide details.
5. Do you have futher comments?

Thank you for completing this survey

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