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Welcome to our online reporting form for illicit tobacco in Medway.

This form is confidential and any information provided will be solely used for the purpose of tackling illicit tobacco.

Please tell us as much information as possible as public intelligence is vital to supporting enforcement agencies to tackle illicit tobacco in Medway.

You can alternatively report this illicit activity to the Trading Standards hotline on
01634 334455.

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Q2 Please specify who is selling illicit tobacco:
Q6 Do you know of any vehicles involved?
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Public intelligence is vital to tackling illicit tobacco in Medway.

To find out more about the harm of illicit tobacco, visit: bit.ly/illegaltobaccomedway
Medway Council is committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, as well as your rights to confidentiality and respect for privacy. The council will ensure that it keeps your personal information accurate and secure to provide you with efficient services.

The Council will only use the information it holds about you for the purpose you provided it. It will also only collect the minimum information necessary to fulfil that purpose. When it no longer has a need to keep information about you, it will be disposed of in a secure manner.

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