Statement of Licensing Policy Survey

The Licensing Act 2003 requires that licensing authorities review their statement of principles. The statement of licensing policy is the document that sets out how Medway Council will administer processes required under the Act.
The existing policy has been rewritten to reflect current legislation and guidance on the matters the Council can have regard to when considering an application, the introduction of Cumulative Impact Policy areas and to confirm our arrangements for ensuring that premises comply with their licence conditions and responsibilities.


If you are commenting on behalf of a group or other person please include a summary of the people/organisations that you represent.


There will be opportunity to make further comment on each of these questions at the end of this survey if you wish.

Q1 Do you agree with the aims of the draft policy?
Q2 Do you agree with the Cumulative Impact Policy areas and stress areas?
Q3 In your opinion have we met our aim with this document to be able to be used by all involved in the process?
Q4 In your opinion have we done enough to encourage applicants to use this policy to help them complete their operating schedule?
Q5 In your opinion have we done enough to ensure responsible authorities and objectors are mindful of the requirements for an application?
Q6 In your opinion does the good practice guide (Appendix 7) encourage relevant conditions to be put forward?
Q7 In your opinion are the times of opening appropriate for the types of premises and the localities?
Q8 In your opinion have we done enough to aid the decision making process?
Q9 In your opinion does this document serve as a tool for officers to encourage improved practice in existing licensed premises?
Q10 Please use the below for any comments on any of the questions above or any general comment you may have in relation to the policy.

Thank you for completing this survey.

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