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Please take some time to read the draft version of Landlord Services Garage Lettings Policy.  After you have read the draft policy please answer the questions below and submit your responses.  We will use your responses to help shape our policy.  Please submit your response by 27 March 2018.  Landlord Services will keep your responses for a period of one year before deleting them from our system.
Please note that this policy is a draft and may be subject to change following consultation.

We will process this data in accordance with the Medway Council Fair Processing Notice which can be found online at: Surveys will be kept for one year then destroyed.
Q1 Are you a tenant/leaseholder of Medway Council
Q2 Do you understand the Garage Lettings Policy?
Q3 Are there any areas of the policy that are unclear and need explaining more?
Q4 Is there anything else you would like to be included in the policy?
Q5 Are there any areas of the policy that you disagree with?
  Your Details
  Would you like us to contact you about your response? (If yes please make sure you have left you contact details)
  Are you happy for your feedback to be published as part of this consultation?


You are under no obligation to provide the following information and it will not affect your input if you choose not too.

Medway Council is committed to consulting with all its residents and so to ensure that all groups within the community have the opportunity to participate in this survey, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following information. The information provided will remain private and confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

Q10 Are you? (Please tick the appropriate box)
Q11 How old are you? (Please tick the appropriate box)
Q12 Do you have any long-standing health problem or disability? Long-standing means anything that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months. (please tick the appropriate box)
Q13 If yes, what is the nature of your health problem or disability? (please tick the appropriate box)
Q14 Ethnicity: Which of these ethnic groups is close to you? (Please tick the appropriate box)

Protecting your personal information.
Medway Council will keep the information provided above as confidential. Access to, retention and disposal of this information will be strictly in accordance with data protection requirements.  It will be used solely to ensure that Medway Council meets obligations under equality legislation. Individuals will not be identifiable in any reporting.  Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Medway Council’s Data Protection notice

Thank you for completing this consultation.

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