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There are more than 500 sports clubs and teams in Medway. If people wish to find a club to join, they can use the online club directory at

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Unfortunately we are unable to continue with your request as we require your consent to use your data through our relevant channels. We will remove all of your current details from our database and you will receive no further contact from us. If you wish to add your club/team to our database in the future then you can do so by visiting our website

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Medway is committed to consulting with all its residents and so, to ensure that all groups within the community have the opportunity to participate, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following information. The information provided will remain private and confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. You are under no obligation to provide the following information and it will not affect your input if you choose not to.

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Medway Council will keep the information provided above as confidential. Access to, retention and disposal of this information will be strictly in accordance with data protection requirements.  It will be used solely to ensure that Medway Council meets obligations under equality legislation. Individuals will not be identifiable in any reporting.  Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Medway Council’s Data Protection notice.

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