Strood Waterfront Consultation

This consultation seeks your opinion on the design principles in the draft Development Brief, which looks at building heights, greenspace, river walks and transport.

Your comments will help shape these principles and the future regeneration of Strood Waterfront.

The consultation period runs from Monday, 4 December 2017 to 5pm Monday, 29 January 2018

The Regeneration of Strood Waterfront

  Would you like to see the regeneration of the sites within the Strood Waterfront boundary?

The Vision

  Do you support the vision for Strood Waterfront, which is focussed around creating the area as one of Medway’s best residential locations benefiting from local shopping and transport facilities?

Land Uses

Do you agree with the land uses for each site?

  Former Civic Centre site
  Yes   No   Don't know  
  Residential (housing)      

  Commercial/Leisure (restaurant, bars, café)      

  Small Scale Retail (shops)      

  Strood Riverside
  Residential (housing)      

  Retail linked to the station (shops near Strood station)      
  Kingswear Gardens
  Residential (housing)      
  Watermill Gardens
  Greenspace (parks and open spaces)      

  Food/Drink (café)      

Housing Densities

The Illustrative Masterplan (which shows one way in which development could be brought forward) proposes flatted/apartment developments with fewer houses, due to the highly accessible Town Centre location.

  Do you agree that the mix of flats/apartments and houses is appropriate at the Waterfront location?

Building Heights

The draft Development Brief suggests that some buildings could be higher than five storeys.

  Do you agree that some buildings over five storeys could be appropriate on the Waterfront sites, if views are not interrupted?

Individual Character

Each individual site along the Waterfront should have its own distinct character areas, each with its own sense of place and identity.

  Do you think it is important for each site to have its own distinct character?

Sense of Arrival

The draft Development Brief proposes to enhance the sense of arrival at Strood train station.

  Do you think it is important to enhance the sense of arrival at Strood train station?


The draft Development Brief emphasises the importance of a riverfront walk and cycle route connecting Strood to the other new and existing footpaths and cycle paths.

  Do you think it is important to have a river walk and cycle paths?

Extending the Riverwalk

A pedestrian link under Rochester Bridge has been identified as a desirable goal. This would connect the former Civic Centre site with Watermill Gardens.

  Would you support this aspiration?


The draft Development Brief promotes the use of a poorly used area across from Jane’s Creek as open space, as long as direct access via a foot and cycle bridge can be provided.

  Do you think it is important to regenerate this area for greenspace use?
  Do you think it is important to create a direct pedestrian link to this greenspace?

Public Open Space

The Illustrative Masterplan highlights the provision of open space. Public greenspace has been earmarked along the waterfront.

  Do you agree with the amount of public open space provided?

Healthy Communities

The design principles are based around achieving a healthy environment for the community, promoting social unity, access to greenspace and minimising energy usage.

  Do you think creating a healthy environment for everyone should be a key design principle?


The draft Development Brief recommends a number of measures which should be implemented or investigated further

It is intended for a combination of the measures to be implemented.

  Please tick below the measures which you would like to see come forward.
  Yes   No   Don't know  
  Time slots for business deliveries (drop off and pick ups outside of rush hour to prevent further congestion)      

  Expansion of Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Signal Control System (improved ability to view traffic conditions and change signals to adapt to traffic flow. Updated traffic signal system to manage the road network efficiently)      

  Parking Guidance (this would direct people to available spaces, reduce circling and make the best use of parking facilities through technology e.g. parking sensors, cashless payments etc.)      

  Electric Charging Points (to encourage use of more environmentally friendly vehicles that will help lower harmful emissions in the area).      

  Junction modifications to roads surrounding the site (areas to look at include A2 junction with Canal Road, access to former Civic Centre site,Knight Road to help ease congestion)      

  Implementation of a Car Club scheme (people can hire cars easily, minimising the amount of parking provision at the development sites)      

  Access to site (allow access from Commissioners Road and A2 to Riverside site to ease congestion but ensure parking design prevents a ‘rat run’ from Medway City Estate)      

  Have a low parking provision on site (due to the accessible location, close to Strood Train station and the Town Centre. This will help to ease the impact of the development on the road network).      

Medway is committed to consulting with all its residents to ensure that all groups within the community have the opportunity to participate in this consultation, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the following information. The information provided will remain private and confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. You are under no obligation to provide the following information and it will not affect your input if you choose not to.

  Are you? (please tick one box only)
  In which of the following age bands do you fall? (please tick the appropriate box)
  Do you have any long-standing health problem or disability? Long-standing means anything that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months. (please tick the appropriate box)
  If yes, what is the nature of your health problem or disability? (please tick the appropriate box)
  What is your ethnic group?
  In which area do you live? (Please tick one box only)

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The results from this survey will be used to shape the principles and future regeneration of Strood Waterfront

Responses will be kept for a minimum of five years.

 Protecting your personal information.
Medway Council will keep the information provided above as confidential. Access to, retention and disposal of this information will be strictly in accordance with data protection requirements.  It will be used solely to ensure that Medway Council meets obligations under equality legislation. Individuals will not be identifiable in any reporting.  Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Medway Council’s Data Protection notice.

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