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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We are currently exploring the demand for electric vehicle charging points across Medway. This will help us to plan charging locations and help us to demonstrate the local need when applying for funding.

If you own, or are thinking about purchasing, an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid we would like to ask some questions about your vehicle or plans. You can suggest a location for an on-street charging point.

Your responses are completely anonymous, please do not provide any personal details.

This survey is run and managed by Medway Council. Completed responses will be kept for 3 years to enable their use as part of funding bids.

Electric Vehicle Ownership

  Do you currently own an electric vehicle
  What do you think the biggest barriers to purchasing an electric vehicle are?

Electric Vehicle Ownership

  What type of electric vehicle do you own?
  Which of the following best describes where you most often charge up your vehicle?
  When do you most often charge your vehicle up?

Electric Vehicle Ownership

  Are you planning to buy an electric vehicle in the next twelve months?

Electric Vehicle Future Ownership

  What type of electric vehicle do you hope to buy?
  Which of the following best describes where you plan to charge up your vehicle most often?
  When are you most often likely to charge your vehicle up?

Electric Vehicle Charging  - Your Suggested Location

  Please tell us where you think we should consider locating on street charging points

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to install a charging point at this exact location. Please state a range of house numbers to help us identify a side of the road where a charging point would be best placed. Make sure you include the town so we make sure we can get the right road. You can search for addresses using the Council's mapping site.
  How far would you be willing to walk to charge an electric vehicle?

Thank you and send us your views

Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us.
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